Media Features

Projects have been featured in the following publications.


Konokono, Kenya:

“Shade of Meaning.” Architectural Review, March 2015: p. 54-65.  (Cover image / story)

“Made in the Shade.” Architectural Record, June 2015: p. 94-97. (Cover image / story)

“Building Degree Zero.” Mark, February/March 2015: p. 114-121.


Algaevator / BoTTLab:

“Algaevator.” Domus, July 1, 2016, from  (Featured project)

“Spiraling Algaevator Sucks up CO2 to Produce Clean, Green Algae Biofuel.” Inhabitat, June 6, 2016, from  (Featured project)

“Jie Zhang and Tyler Stevermer Architecturalize an Algae Photobioreactor.” Designboom, June 27, 2016, from  (Featured project)

“The Algaevator.” Algae Industry Magazine, June 2016, from  (Featured project)

“The Allergic Facade.” Pin Architecture, April 2015, from  (Competition finalist)

“America’s Top Architecture Schools 2015.” Architectural Record, Retrieved October 31, 2014, from (featured image)



“Tyler Stevermer: Preposthuman.” EXHhALE, March 16, 2016, from  (Featured project)



“Microsoft submits plans for major Mountain View campus revamp featuring big green roof.” Silicon Valley Business Journal, January 21, 2016, from

“Miscrosoft is growing a huge campus in google’s backyard.” Business Insider, January 21, 2016, from

“Microsoft plans expansion, major upgrade of its Mountain View Campus.” Mercury News, January 21, 2016, from