Teaching: Performance Art, MIT

Performance Art Workshop

The Program in Arts, Culture, and Technology – MIT

Teaching Assistant under Kelly Nipper

Undergraduate, Graduate, PhD, and Postdoc Course

Fall 2014

This course addressed the materiality of the body as part of a visual vocabulary for interrogating ideas about space and the environment, nature, time, flow and rhythm. Students were asked to consider spatial structures and kinesthesia in relation to particular subjects and topologies as source material for experiments that transform an idea into visual form. They were to imagine the body and the built environment as dissolving into each other and spreading.

Learning through the experience of their physical bodies, students explored different somatic practices related to connectivity, effort (weight, flow, time, space intent) modes of shape change (carving and circling), shape qualities (spreading, enclosing, sinking) and shape flow support or internal shape change (hollowing), while developing their own movement language, performances and notation system for marking, measuring and transcribing time.

The class discussed transitional art movements, arts practices and social experiments associated with the history of performance art, the analysis of concepts such as space, time and the body, documentation, and the relationship between what is presented and the audience.


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