Microhousing Pier


Microhousing Pier for the San Francisco Bay

Eidolon seeks solutions to the San Francisco housing shortage through the creation of prefabricated, adaptable, micro-housing units that establish a new community between pier developments.

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A quality living environment is created for single occupants, or couples, in prefabricated micro-units. The project is geared towards young professionals who do not qualify for affordable housing programs but still do not make enough income for San Francisco’s high-rent market.

Research in micro-living precedents led to the use of a sloped unit. An elevation change in 36” through the unit is a catalyst that allows the 250 square-foot space a series of advantages: spatial differentiation between “wet” and “dry” areas, kitchen cabinets and dresser drawers stepped beneath floor surfaces, trap door access to long term storage and utilities, a massing/aggregation strategy that allows light to permeate through each unit and the building, and an efficient structure for building on the water. The unit allows for multiple arrangements between living, sleeping, work, and dining space without the use of difficult mechanisms like murphy beds. It even features a full-sized kitchen and bath, an extra-large closet, and a 150 square-foot terrace.

Integrated circulation, utility connections, a post-tensioned structure, and environment-specific scrims allow for these stacking units to create quickly scalable and relocate-able developments that minimize upfront infrastructure.

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A discourse between the experiences of the land versus that of the water is created through a dematerialization of the pier which eliminates the standard construction of an artificial ground over the water; investigates structural transparency to emphasize its placement through the use of steel grating, architectural meshes, and perforated steel; and utilizes louvers with mirrored undersides to reflect wave and light patterns, from the bay, along the facade.

Eidolon is a pier of the bay, not of the ground.

construction diagram
circulation diagramscirculation diagram

Eidolon questions the status quo of current pier development.  Calibrated connections between adjacent piers create a water community and a new form of urban fabric.

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small wind side elevation

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