Walking Table

‘Walking Table’

Digital Furniture Design and Construction


01 Tyler Stevermer - Table - Underside

Walking table seeks furnishing solutions for globally transient individuals, produced with digital fabrication techniques.

Sculpted using a flip-mill process on a standard CNC, the table assembles using no permanent or mechanical joinery.  Three removable legs puncture and balance a horizontal surface.  Their extensions serving double-duty as catches on which to hang daily artifacts like coats and bags.

02 Tyler Stevermer - Table - Elevation

Surface articulations focus on the point of interaction between body and object, providing sensorially-driven crevices and grasps for hands and fingertips—both when in use assembled, and when carried in transit.

03 - Tyler Stevermer - Table - Hole Detail

04 - Tyler Stevermer - Table - Components criss crossEdited Table Photo IMG_1728IMG_2145