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Tyler Stevermer is an architectural designer, editor, researcher, and educator based in San Francisco, CA.  He completed his master of architecture at MIT in 2015 and his bachelor of science in design at the University of Minnesota in 2008.

Stevermer’s research and design interests include investigating new and historic methodologies for an occupant-based design processes, material-driven forms and spatialities, and design formulated through historic and contemporary theory.

As an editor, these topics have informed the themes of his two peer-reviewed volumes—Thresholds 42: Human and Unmaterial: Designing with Remote Societies (forthcoming).

The influence of this research can best be seen in several of Stevermer’s design projects including “Preposthuman: An Architectural Propaedeutic for the Digitally-Enhanced,” “Konokono” (with Unmaterial Studio), “Weaponized Armor: Bio-Inspired Design” (with Sayjel Patel), and “Plank House.”

Stevermer currently works with WRNS Studio, focusing on innovations in workplace and laboratory design for high-profile technology clients.